~ Assembly and Installation of Everything ~

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I think everyone has brought home furniture or some piece of equipment knowing some assembly is required, and found out that you need four hands, an entire workshop, and four years of engineering school to finish the job. 

Well, I’ve got the tools and and the touch to make it happen for you.

You bought a new microwave, now it needs to be installed, this could require re-routing the electrical, and/or installing the vent tube.

Want to replace a ceiling light with a ceiling fan? We can help pull new wiring to the switch, install the mounting bracket in the attic, etc.

Want to move your washing machine, replace a garbage disposal, or just need help getting the old one out and hook up the new one?

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“Just Born to Fix Things”


Let us help you with all Indoor & Outdoor Repairs, Maintenance, and Improvements.
We can do all those jobs that you don’t have
the time or energy to do.